Mishkan Adei Ad – Hachnasas Kallah Fund

For just $1 per day, you can help bring a kallah to the chuppa with dignity and respect!

There is no greater tzedakah than hachnosas kallah.” (Yoreh Deah 249:15)

A wedding is a joyous event which comes along with vast expenses. Many families who are already struggling day to day must strain themselves beyond their ability when the wedding costs start piling up. Even families who manage on a normal basis, often find it difficult to make a chasana.  Imagine how hard it is for a struggling divorced mother, or a widow to pull it off.

Mishkan Adei Ad understands their plight and are taking action to help these families by arranging a minimum of $3,000 for each of these families. Boruch Hashem, since our inception last winter we have reached this goal, even managing to help very needy families with more assistance.

In the coming months, there are already engaged couples that have turned to us in need of our help!.

To help all these families we have started the project, “A Hundred For One.” This project teams together 100 donors, each donating a modest sum of $30 per month. This monthly donation then combines with the others to provide assistance for one Chasuna per month of the year. A donation can be made for any Zechus; a Shidduch, Parnassa, or anything else.

Please help these young couples start building their “Mishkan Adei Ad

Payment options are 1 single payment ($360); 3 payments ($120 each); or 12 monthly installments ($30 each).  To contribute any amount, press here

Sponsorships for a full or partial wedding are also available. Please email us at chasana.help@gmail.com