Our Kollel consists of two different tracks.

The regular program is a high level, fast paced nightly learning program whose goal is for members to learn and complete entire Masechtos of Talmud Bavli, particularly those that are not part of the standard Yeshiva rotation. In this way the Kollel serves as a perfect complement to a regular learning schedule, with the goal of helping members gain a comprehensive knowledge of the entire Talmud Bavli. Over the last seven years, the kollel has already completed Brachos, Shabbos, Rosh Hashanah, Yumah, Sukkah, Moed Koton, Chagiga, Avodah Zara, Sanhedrin, Archin, Temurah, Shavuos and Bechoros. The members of the Kollel are tested weekly, and then again after completing a few perakim.

The Kodshim program is for those advanced Avreichim who want to learn masechtos that deal with Korbanos. One of our scholars in this group recently published a sefer on the Biur HaGra to Hilchos Ribbis, the laws in interest.

We also run various learning sessions throughout the year. Erev Yom tov we run a learning program in which over 100 people gather to learn for an hour before Yom Tov.