Yeshivas Ohr HaTorah

Yeshivas Ohr HaTorah is an internationally renowned organization, focusing on advanced level Torah learning, as well as a multifaceted chessed program.

 Night Kollel

For over 9 years, we have been running our nightly learning program, from our modest beginning of 6 Kollel members, and we have now grown to 30 members. Some of our alumni have assumed communal roles, both in education and in business.

 Community Chessed Projects

We are involved in a wide range of community-wide chessed and charity projects, such as our Simchas Yom Tov fund, tuition assistance project, our Bar Mitzvah / Hachnasas Kallah project, interest free lending Gmach and financial assistance.

 Helping Needy Families

Our work at Ohr HaTorah has helped over 250 families, and with your help, we hope to help hundreds more. We help needy families, “at risk” children, and loan money to help people get on their feet. In today’s tough economic environment, every dollar is significant. 

This is we why keep our overhead to a bare minimum – so those in need can receive the funds that are donated. Our goal is to provide help to people with dignity. Our organization is evolving and expanding, trying to meet the current needs of the community while we keep one eye on the future.