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Keren Simchas Yom Tov

We distributed over 250,000 shekel for Maos Chitim


Kollel Erev

We now have 30 members in our Kollel, split into 2 groups. 20 Are learning Bava Kamma. 10 are learning Kerisus in the Ohel Menachem Kollel


We distributed over 65,000 NIS on Purim day for Matanos Laevyonim


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Community Chesed Program

YOHT aims to anticipate and meet the needs of the growing community in Eretz Yisrael, and over time has evolved into a multi-faceted chessed organization.

Ongoing projects include:

a free-loan fund for both short and long-term loans;

helping to organize and finance special educational programs for children in the community;

budgetary planning and financial assistance for needy families;

arranging meals for families that are temporarily incapicitated due to illness;

Hachnasas Kallah;

our Bar Mitzvah project in which we assist poor families in preparing their son for adulthood.


For more information on any of these projects, or to donate for one of our projects, please contact us

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